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A collection of brands with a dedicated service to the best prices, education and innovation.

  • Best Prices

    Offering the best value on new, exclusive and hard to find products. Why pay more!

  • Education

    Understand your drink, the history behind the brand and most of all the best way to enjoy your drink!

  • Innovation

    Making your experience easy and convenient with our subscription model coming soon. Offering the latest brands to try before you buy!

The Origins

Novelist Eleanor Early once said ‘"Alcohol removes inhibitions - like that scared little mouse who got drunk and shook his whiskers and shouted: "Now bring on that damn cat!” Having worked in the alcohol wholesale industry for nearly 10 years, Jas and long-time friend Rajveer decided to finally remove all of their inhibitions and combine their love for great tasting drinks and infatuation to educate all drink lovers to bring to you, Drinks Cabinet Club.

To some, Drinks Cabinet Club is an online store selling luxury beers, wines and spirits directly to your door, but for most it is a hub for the brave, the wine connoisseurs, the vodka vandals, the whiskey whisperers and those who are curious about the countless possibilities that can be found within a glass.

In light of COVID-19, many people have been left with no choice but to stay at home with bars, restaurants and bistros closed. Jas and Raj came to the realisation that many people including family and friends were confined to drinking the same old drink. It was made apparent that many people were playing it safe with bars and bistros shut; leaving drink lovers without new recommendations, new experiences and inspiration. After all, it was rumoured that Vincent Van Gogh came up with his piece ‘The Starry Night’ while drinking Absinth.

The Next Chapter…

Drinks Cabinet Club believes in being more than just an online retailer. We believe in providing value for our customers by providing the latest, exclusive and rarest drinks while making it available for everyone. We aspire to educate more drink lovers in understanding their drink, the history behind the craftsmanship, and most of all the best way to enjoy your drink. With our subscription based model coming very soon, Drinks Cabinet Club is here to make your experience with us as easy and convenient as possible, by offering taste samples of our latest brands before you buy.

Take a look inside the Drinks Cabinet, and join the Club…

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